Dec 31
Lucas Garcez: “Modeling, as a career, made my dream come true.”

Q) When did you start modeling, and what made you take it as a career path?


I started modeling when I was 16 years old. I was scouted during an event in Brazil. I have always wanted to travel the world, explore new cultures and meet new people.  Modeling, as a career, made my dream come true.


It opened these doors of endless opportunities, for me; which I am incredibly satisfied and thankful for.



Q) what is your motivation to keep on going, in modeling?


My motivation is my family, they have always supported me since the beginning and I love what I do.


My family believes in my potential, and they are my greatest supporters, which I thank God for. It’s nice to hear true compliments from your family members. About what you are doing. It gives you the strength and reassurance to continue in the same level and even higher.



Q) What are some tips that you personally apply, to maintain your shape?


To maintain my shape I exercise almost everyday. Sports, is something that I personally have as a hobby and it plays a major role in my daily life. My most enjoyable sports are:  running, skateboarding, surfing, hiking.


Adding to that, I also have a scheduled workout program, which is done at the gym. As for my diet, I am a vegetarian. Meaning, I don’t eat any type of meat, and my concentration is on vegetables and fruits mainly.




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