Dec 31
Dutch model Ines Debets.

How did you get into modeling?

Let’s say I really wanted to get into it in 2014. Before that I used to do photo shoots here and there and I have always wanted to do it but since I was living in Rwanda during my teenage years, I didn’t really have the opportunity to make it my job yet. I also was really concentrated in school so I thought I just had to do that first. I didn’t even think about getting seriously into it. I first wanted to have my degree and then start modeling, but then I realized it would maybe be too late for me by then…

What has been your greatest achievement?

Honestly I would ask myself the same question. I, for myself, don’t feel like I’m far enough to even answer that question. I have had some great experiences, of course but I think this year I’ve had the worst luck. In this industry you should be very careful who you deal with. I was so rushed to make it, I got involved with the wrong people and it really set me back. A lot of time went by and I could have done something else with it. I’d rather take it as a lesson than a mistake because now I know how to deal with that kind of situation. Now I just go forward, do my thing and try to make it even bigger than I could have ever imagined. Let’s say my greatest achievement is still yet to come J.

Who is your inspiration?

I actually have a few:

I guess this would come to no surprise but I would always look up to Tyra Banks because I would watch every season of “America’s Next Top Model”, I just love her personality and the fact that she still was successful without having to always being the thinnest model and that she could keep her beautiful curves.

Another current model that I admire is Leila Ndabirabe. She started where I started a year ago, at a show in Brussels called “Ethno Tendance Fashion Weekend Brussels”. Now, she is walking for brands like Dior, Tommy Hilfiger and VICTORIA SECRET. I mean, if I’m not wrong, she started her career at my age now and is doing GREAT!! She actually gives me hope that I can also go very far if I keep my mind to it and work hard. I love her because I relate to her so much. Amazing model!

Do you have any diet or beauty tips?

DON’T STARVE YOURSELF! I remember I wanted to lose weight so fast to apply to an agency in Paris, I was suffering mentally. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE food. So instead just eat enough but healthy. I would eat healthy but with portions that were way too small and cheat a lot. So my biggest diet tip is: avoid everything too sweet, too salty or too fattening. Have a big breakfast, a nice lunch and a light dinner. Also, try to drink 2L of water a day, more if you can but not too much either, 3 is good as well, especially for your skin. And most importantly, don’t torture yourself, have a cheat meal (NOT CHEAT DAY) once a week or once every two weeks if you are strong enough.

Beauty wise, I don’t spend a lot on products: one face wash, one face cream and coco butter lotion for your body is enough. My mother would always say “Lotion, lotion, LOTION INES!” and she is right, just that and your skin is the softest it has ever been. Wash your face twice a day, scrub your body once a week and treat your hair and face to a mask once a week on a Sunday night with a nice bath.

And for great skin, like I said before: good food and enough WATER! You will look good from the outside but also feel very good inside J.

How do you find the model industry in Belgium?

I think the industry is trying to expand a little more in Belgium but I mean it’s not Paris, New York or Milan yet. There are a few good agencies based in Belgium, that’s for sure, but we know that they work internationally as well. However, I believe there is a special place and time to put Belgium on the map. There a lot of Belgian models or even other models based in Belgium first that are successful. For instance, Rose Bertram is the perfect example of a Belgian model that is making it in the industry.

What do you think it takes to become a successful model?

Patience, perseverance, a strong mind, a strong body and ambition. That world might be glamourous but it is a very tough world also and it can be a battle field. You just have to believe in it and make sure you are there to stay.

Would you consider moving to Dubai to expand your modeling career?

If I have a great job opportunity, I would not hesitate for a second. Dubai is also a very beautiful place and it would be my pleasure to expand my modeling career if I get the chance.



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