Dec 31
Fabio Mancini: “I hope to maintain the same level through the upcoming years, as well

Q) When did you start modeling, and what made you take it as a career path?


I started my career as a model, about 4 years and half from now. An agent scouted me while I was walking in the streets of Milan. He noticed me, and immediately sent me to the offices of Giorgio Armani, which is were it all started.


Q) Which brand inspires you the most, and why?


Since my career was launched with Giorgio Armani, I would have to choose it.

! However, I also love brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren and Vivienne Westwood, since they all share a classical cut.



Q) How do you describe modeling as a career and what is your motivation to keep on going?


I consider myself a very lucky guy. I’ve practically started my carrier with Armani.  I did 20 consecutive shows on the runway for Armani.

Adding to that, I did 5 Armani campaigns, and thanks to these numerous advertising campaigns; I was able to enter the famous rankings of, an achievement never achieved before by any Italian model.  I hope to maintain the same level through the upcoming years, as well.


Q) What are some tips that you personally apply, to maintain your shape?


Food and alimentation are the top focus. My food is based on greens, fruits, cereal and seafood. On the other hand, exercise is essential.


My workout routine is based in the outdoors of nature. I prefer jogging and running in parks, and swimming in pools than to be restricted in a hall were workout becomes a bore.



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