Dec 31
Emilio Flores

Q:When did you start modeling, and what made you take it as a career path?



I started  modeling, 5 years ago. Everything was going fast, like a spinning wheel. My first week as a model , I got confirmed for an editorial cover for Hercules Magazine, in st.Barth.



Q: Which brand inspires you the most, and why?



I like Tom Ford and Armani,   because these two represent pure elegance and and their designs are discret.




Q:How do you describe modeling as a career and what is your motivation to keep on going?



The modeling career is difficult, because it requires a huge amount of patience and physical maintainance. If you give up or back out of the career, be aware that the oporitunities would disappear and other models will steal that spotlight from you.



My motivation is to do  one commercial, in particular. It is more of a goal, which hI want to reach. I want to do one campaign/commercial for Aqua Di Gio; I want to be the new face in that commerical and campaign.




Q:What do you advice all new male models, from what you experienced?




I workout everyday, two hours minimum. However, sometimes I workout  for 4 and 5 hours. I always eat healthy  no  fat  low carbs. My diet contains water , fruits, vegetables and healthy fats.




On the other hand, and most importanly, are rest , meditation, and stretching.






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