Dec 31
David Richard: “Life is short, so enjoy each moment and the things that you love.”




Q) When did you start modeling, and what made you take it as a career path?


I started modeling 4 years ago but I did some shootings to see how I feel in front of the camera.


My second casting, was for a huge TV commercial in France. I needed to act and dance. I felt so good when I was done, so good that I asked myself: "Why don't you try something in modeling?" This is how I started to get into it.


Q) Which brand inspires you the most, and why?


I really like the "commercial brands" especially the ones about perfumes because when you are seeing one of them, the production team is using strong sequences to make the model powerful, charismatic and in his best profile.


Q) How do you describe modeling as a career and what is your motivation to keep on going?


Modeling is more than a career, because you are fighting against yourself everyday. When it's about food, you have to resist to temptations (my favorite meal and main enemy is pizza). On the other hand, you have to push yourself over your personal limitations, when you exercise For castings, you have to be ready at all times, and you have to be reactive, adaptive at the situation and understand what the brand wants you to do.


I’m not alone in this adventure: my family and my friends have faith in my potential, and me, which is rare to be found at the current time. Also, when you are traveling, you meet incredible people who give you a little help when you need or when you have some doubts about your career.


Q) What are some tips that you personally apply, to maintain your shape?


 I use to train 5 times per week and I'm on diet. Big breakfast, normal lunch and small dinner. Right now, i'm having a small pack of M&M's . My advice? Life is short, so enjoy each moment and the things that you love.



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