Dec 31
Anthony Gastelier: “I don't pursue fame or glory.”

Q) When did you start modeling, and what made you take it as a career path?


I start modeling 6 years ago. A friend of mine introduced me to a scout. I didn’t know at all what was modeling about, back then.


I gave it a shot when I got my first contract and 1 month later. I quit my job, and dedicated myself to it and traveled the world. There was no turning back, ever since that.


Q) Which brand inspires you the most, and why?


I have a particular affection to Armani, as my first runway in Milan was for them, and the when I did the fitting I felt that the clothes identify my personal style. The clothes represent a very classy and modern version of myself. I always check their new collection.


Q) How do you describe modeling as a career and what is your motivation to keep on going?


For me, modeling is just the way I found my freedom. Freedom to travel the world, discover new cities/countries and cultures, meet people while I make a living of it.


I don't pursue fame or glory. Only happiness and a long journey on earth to grow as a person and be more open minded.


Q) What are some tips that you personally apply, to maintain your shape?


To maintain yourself, I follow two aspects. First, I eat healthy. It sounds cliché but it's important. Fruits and vegetables are on the top of my daily diet.


On the other hand, I train a few times a week. I have a small routine for the abs that I try to do everyday when I wake up, which I try to make it regular. Regularity is the key, but I make it fun for myself. 



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